Frequently Asked Questions


1.) What is Sociocean?

Sociocean is a network for entrepreneurs and crowdfunders to promote their product, service or company. It's free to create an account and you can add your company, your own blog, add videos about your product or service and even your own store to sell your products.

2.) What are Socioceans goals and objectives?

We aim to provide the best platform to find and promote the latest products and services for entrepreneurs, crowdfunders and company owners.

3.) Is Sociocean free?

Yes! Sociocean is totally free to join. No membership fees or credit card required.

4.) Can I post videos about my crowdfunding project?

Yes. You can post links to YouTube or Vimeo videos. The videos must be about a new product or crowd funding campaign to be approved.

5.) How can I create my own store?

If you want to sell your products during or after a crowdfunded campaign you need to create a store. Go to products, sellers and upload your products. You are responsible for the products and shipping as a store owner. 

6.) I still have other questions.

Please contact us