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World-First Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, Silver Bedding
Corn fiber pillows and sheets that resist 99.9% of bacteria, stains, and odors. Natural bedding that lasts and stays clean...
Skeins, a CD by Andrew & Casey Calhoun
We're making our first duo album after 12 years of singing together. 15 poetic folk songs weave an emotional tapestry.
Music video for 'Thrown It All Away'
I'd like to raise £500 to pay for a professional music video for a song I have written called 'Thrown It All Away' - Crowd...
Explore New Dimensions with these Magical Lamps
Get the lighting atmosphere that you were always searching for. Made in France from recycled and eco-friendly wood. Limit...
Ross & Ross Food's Horse-box Bar
To convert our recently purchased horse-box into a mobile bar -
Lamproom Theatre - Celebrating Our Mining Heritage
Celebrating Barnsley's mining roots by incorporating Miners' Lamps as 'house lights' in your theatre - help us to light u...
Closca Bottle + App | Drink Water, Make a Statement
Leveraging design and technology to reduce plastic. A bottle that latches onto you and a mobile app to locate places to re...
Paq Carry-On Travel Backpack
A backpack / duffel bag providing unmatched comfort and functionality. It's the last travel carry-on bag you will ever need.
Epic Monster Tea Party
A 20-minute, family-fun, fantasy tabletop game about monsters making a tasty tea full of victory points out of heroes!